AAL at Masterpiece: Gallery Elena Shchukina

elena shukina

Katusha Bull – The Dawn (2015)

Pink onyx

44 x 43 x 20 cm (17 1/3 x 17 x 8 in.)

Katusha Bull’s aesthetic is based in formal abstraction, but her technique is grounded in a profound engagement with the technical properties of her material. She works with an unusually wide variety of stone, and with each work she aims to enhance the properties of the individual stone. In fact, many of the stones she works with are not otherwise obtainable in Europe, and are available for Katusha only through her carefully developed and maintained relationships with American suppliers.

Katusha’s work aims to create abstract organic form from stone. This particular sculpture, The Dawn, is the result of Katusha’s longstanding investigation into the play of light through stone. The Dawn is carved from pink alabaster, and the deep semicircular recesses carved in the stone act as for light to pass through. Creating non-perforating recesses required working into a blind space, which is a very time consuming and technically demanding process. The thin membrane of stone that is left within the sculpture acts almost as stained glass, and the diffuse pink light that shines through it evokes the sky at sunrise.


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