AAL at Masterpiece: Hanga Ten

hanga ten

Makoto OUCHI (1926 – 1989)
 Peacocks (triptych) 1985

Etching with paper block embossing

Limited Edition: 1/10

Framed by master framers, Kato – Hiroo, Tokyo

Framed size: 104 cm x 73 cm each panel; 104 cm x 219 cm total three frames

Provenance: Private family collection bought from artist

Ouchi was an unique artist who developed his own style of printing
utilizing colour etching and paper blocks. While his images were inspired by
ukiyo-e woodblock prints, he very much added his own contemporary style through his interpretation of Japanese images such as kabuki actors and nature, the use of soft colours, and the integration of geometric shapes often with subtle embossing on the paper.

A faint embossing of a peacock can be seen on the left-most panel.

This is a rare print with a limited edition of only 10 (the artist most frequently printed his limited editions in edition of 30 to 50), and this is Edition 1/10.

Being a triptych, it is also one of the artist’s largest sized known works.

The artist works are in the Permanent Collections of: The British Museum; National Library, Tokyo; Bridgestone Museum of Art, Tokyo; University of Sydney, Australia; Cincinnati Art Museum; Rockefeller Foundation, New York; Fogg Museum, Harvard University; Art Institute of Chicago.


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